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Super 400 is a rock band from Troy, New York. Active since the mid-90s, the band has released four studio albums and one live album to date.

The band was formed by longtime friends Kenny Hohman (guitar and vocals) and Joe Daley (drums) and played in various incarnations throughout New York City and Woodstock. The lineup would not be finalized until the addition of bassist Lori Friday in February 1996.

The band was signed to Island Records and released their self titled debut on July 13th 1998 on the Island/Trade 2 label. In December 1998 Seagram purchased Island Records and many of their lesser known bands, including Super 400, were released from their roster.

Super 400 continued to play and record, self releasing Blast The Message (October 1st 2004), Live 05 (November 26th 2005), 3 And The Beast (April 21st 2007), and Sweet Fist (September 15th 2009).

Super 400 is a taper friendly band and encourages audience audio recording and free trading of their live shows.

Super 400 was honored by their hometown of Troy, New York when Mayor Harry Tutunjian declared February 25th 2006 “Super 400 Day in Troy.”

In September 2009, Super 400 released a music video for the song Flashlight, the first single from Sweet Fist.

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