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Faces To The Sun is the ninth track from 3 And The Beast.

In early 2004, the opening riff of 'Faces To The Sun' was publicly debuted as part of an improvised jam during a series of performances by members of Super 400 with local musician Steve Candlen, at Tess' Lark Tavern in Albany, NY. The Tuesday night weekly performances were part of Candlen's 'Family Tree' project, consisting of improvised funk/rock/jazz jams and featuring a changing lineup of local musicians throughout each evening's performance.

The riff later became part of an intro jam during a handful of live performances of Cause that same year. The complete song was first played live on September 18, 2004.


Written by Super 400

Song Length[]



days go by without a sound

what can we do with our time

i've seen the proof there is a roof

forever's not to shine

take your places everyone

ready to the run

mindful why we have all come

faces to the sun

summertime we took it slow

no one in bloom on the lawn

the light is on so now we know

there's room enough to grow

there are spaces in between

things we say and things we mean

but i'll always give you everything i have

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