Blast The Message
Super 400
Released October 1, 2004
Label Electric Mombie
Length 45:04
Produced by Jack Daley
Engineered by Jack Daley

Ace Parkhurst (Co-engineer) - Track 1 and Track 9

Recorded at Studios in the woods, on the water, and in the city

Blast The Message is the second album by Super 400. It was released on October 1, 2004 (Electric Mombie).


All songs written by Super 400

  1. Blast The Message
  2. Green Grass End
  3. Made Up Worlds
  4. Say Goodbye
  5. Mystified
  6. I Wonder
  7. I See Tomorrow
  8. Pile Of Stones
  9. World Is Bright
  10. High Hopes
  11. Our Season Has Come


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