Super 400 Wiki

The Super 400 Wiki Logo

  • The Super 400 Wiki logo is based on a college or university seal, representing the goal of the Super 400 Wiki to educate and inform visitors about the band's music and history.
  • The roman numeral MCMXCVI represents 1996, the year when Super 400's lineup was finalized.
  • The book represents the documentation of Super 400's music, live performances, and career on the Super 400 Wiki. The book's cover includes line drawings representing the three members of Super 400 (clockwise from top left: Joe Daley, Kenny Hohman, and Lori Friday).
  • The ivy surrounding the inner ring represents the growing network of Super 400 fans around the world who are a part of the Super 400 Wiki's efforts.
  • The sun above the book represents the recurring lyrical references to 'the sun,' or 'sunshine,' in Super 400's original compositions.

Songs with 'sun/sunshine' references by album :

Super 400 (album) (1998)

Blast The Message (album) (2004)

3 And The Beast (2007)

Sweet Fist (2009)

Unreleased songs