Set 1

  1. Drawing Circles->
  2. Pile Of Stones
  3. I Missed The Sign
  4. In The Clouds
  5. All Is Right
  6. World Is Bright
  7. Green Grass End
  8. I Let It Go
  9. Northern Girl
  10. Day Bye Day

Set 2

  1. Don't Burn Baby
  2. All My Days
  3. Made Up Worlds
  4. Mystified
  5. Pennies For My Love
  6. You Can Go
  7. Killing Floor
  8. Cause
  9. Doo Doo Dot Dot
  10. Say Goodbye

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Show NotesEdit

"World Is Bright" and "Doo Doo Dot Dot" first time played

"Doo Doo Dot Dot" with Dezin8ed (vocals) and Dave Odd (vocals) of Fundthementals

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